Cricut vs Silhouette

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What do you think- a Cricut or a Silhouette?? Hmm such an interesting question. I have both and am still working it out.

When I won my first Cricut ( the Original 6 inch) I was amazed at all it could do. Buy a cartridge, cut out letters and shapes- no more scissors lol. I outgrew the Original Cricut and purchased a Cricut expression. I was wowed again. Using a 12×12 sheet was more handy and the new cartridges made cutting out shapes and titles even more fun. Looking through the booklets to find just the right shape for my scrap page sometimes took all evening.

I had heard about the Silhouette but truthfully thought I have invested so much into my Cricut , I don’t need another cutting machine. My curiosity got the better of me and a couple of YouTube videos later I was hooked.

My pro’s for the Silhouette- you can cut out specific items on different colours of card stock. You can position many different papers on one cutting sheet and cut out all images needed for one layered picture. No more cut one image, change paper and cut the next. I like that I can take an image from google and change it into an SVG file to cut out on the Silhouette. This makes endless possibilities.

There are many websites that have purchasable and free SVG files as well as the Silhouette’s Club Silhouette. I would highly recommend purchasing the basic monthly membership. This gives you:

  • access to a free SVG every Tuesday
  • marked down svgs marked
  • $28 every month( depending on your membership) to spend in the store.

I have just bought the stamp making kit. Yes the Silhouette can cut out a stamp for you. I will let you know when I try it how it works. There are rhinestone kits, fabric kits, as well as wall and tattoo kits.

Everyday I discover something new. I am still using my Cricut ( its my old friend) but right now I’m loving the Silhouette!! Let me know what your preference is.


Things I Love!

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Every once in a while we come across items that we love and ” just gotta have it”. My list is very long. I recently found 2 such items I would like to share with you.  I had been looking for something to store my punches in so they were easily accessable.  I went from thinking about a tool case to a behind the door rack.  Nothing really stood out until I visited Ikea one day.  There I found the perfect cupboard- the Alex Drawer unit.


This unit has 6 drawers, 3 with a shorter depth and it’s on coasters.  It retails for $149 and comes in two colors. I chose the white one.


Punches are easy to access now and I know where they all are.  Love love love this item!

The other Ikea find was a washi tape holder. It is the MALA Tabletop paper holder that retails for $9.99. Although it was meant for rolls of paper, in the store it had washi tape displayed on it and it works perfectly. By the way, Ikea has a whole section of washi tape.


I love my new finds- hope you will too!


Baby album

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I finally finished my baby album using Echo Park’s bundle of Joy paper pack and embellishments. I loved this paper line but found it didn’t stay long in stores. I did run out of paper and ended up using a couple of sheets from me & my BIG ideas– Mambi’s Baby Girl. I LOVED You Tuber ‘SoMuchScrap’ 8×8 album by the Sea, and this album is based on hers. I hope you like it.



Fawn Lawn Goodie Bag

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Easter treat bags

I thought I would share this quick and very cute project. I recently bought this new Fawn Lawn Goodie Bag Die. I could immediately see lots of possibilities for creating wonderful treat bags.

Fawn Lawn Bag die

I was headed off to Easter dinner and had cousins coming to join us. I had Easter gifts for the family and I wanted to have a little something for the added cousins. So I headed to my craft room to whip up something. Here’s how I made them.

Step 1: Cut two of these die pieces out of cardstock. Since it was Easter I chose yellow.

F.L. Goodie bag 1/2
I love the stitch lines around the handle and the pinked edge along the top of the bag. The die also adds the score lines to the side flaps for assembling the bag.

F.L. Goodie Bag handle and top edge detail      F.L. Goodie Bag Side flap

Step 2: Fold along the score lines. Be sure to pay attention to what side of the bag has the stitched details around the handles as this will be on the outside of the bag when it is assembled.  

F.L. Goodie bag 1/2 folded score lines

Step 3: Next add adhesive to the bottom of the bag flap on one piece (half of the bag) and the two skinny flaps on both pieces. Make sure the adhesive is tight to the edge of the fold lines so the finished bag will have tight seams. This will help the bag be more sturdy and look more polished. See pictures below. I used Be Creative Tape (Sookwang) double sided tape. This way I could remove the backing paper in stages as I assembled the bag.

Note: You can use any type of adhesive. If you use an ATG gun or wet glue, I would suggest only putting it on one part of the bag at a time. This way you won’t get adhesive all over the place.

 F.L. Goodie bag 1/2taped flaps  F.L. Goodie bag 1/2taped flaps 2

Step 4: Peel the tape paper off of the bottom of the bag. Take the second half of the bag and turn it around so the side of the bag that has the stitched details is on the outside. Line up the two bottom flaps and stick them together. See the picture below.

F.L. Goodie bag assembly 1

Step 5: Next peel the tape paper off one of the side flaps. Line up the folded edge of the side flap to the front of the bag flap.

F.L. Goodie bag assembly 2 

Step 6: Repeat step 5 to the other side of the bag.

 F.L. Goodie bag assembly  3   F.L. Goodie bag assembled

Step 7: To shape the bag, you will need to pich the sides of the bags and push in the score lines. Slide your fingers down the side of the bag approximately two thirds down towards the bottom of the bag.

                     F.L. Goodie bag pinch top   F.L. Goodie bag pinch sides

Viola! Ready to decorate!

F.L. Goodie bag completed

I wanted to keep the goodie bag simple. I had some Easter stickers in my stash that I used to pretty up the front of the bags. I think if I was going to use decorative paper, I would have taken the time to glue it on the cardstock before I assembled the goodie bag.

I put some Cadbury mini eggs into a treat bag. I used a twist tie that comes with the treat bags to close the bag and then tied a decorative ribbon around the top.

Cadbury Mini Easter Eggs

Quick! Simple! Cute! Easter Treat bag

Hope you liked it!


Organize Your Stash: Creating a Supply Reference Book

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Today I wanted to share a project I made using the amazing paper line by My Mind’s Eye (MME)Now and Then. When I saw this paper I fell in love with it and knew immediately what I would use it for.

I don’t know about you but when I am out and about browsing the scrapbook stores for new and exciting products I never seem to recall the particulars of my scrapping stash. Things like what size punches, types of punches, paper packs and matching embellishments, ink pad and marker colors. I end up purchasing duplicate supplies or buying something that will not coordinate with what I already have.

So to solve this dilemma I decided to create a supply reference book. It is large enough to hold the all the main supplies I own and use to create my projects. It is also small enough to fit in my purse so that I can tote it around to help me shop. When I find something I need, gotta have or is priced to good to pass up, I can quickly check my book to see if it is going to fit well into my stash and it also gives me a pause to reflect on whether I really need it or will I ever use the item.

My supply reference book is divided into sections for the different types of supplies I have. I started with two covers. I love to use artist canvases from the dollar store for my album covers. They are cheap and very sturdy and come 2-3 per package depending on the size. For this book I used the 5 7/8 x 8 inches. I choose my favorite paper from the paper line for the front cover- greyish wood grain with flowers in one corner. I covered both sides of the canvases with paper.


I decided I would hold my book together with binder rings because I can add or remove pages as needed. I used 2-inch rings.

Next I punched two holes in the front and back covers with my Crop-A-Dile 2. Love this tool! It is strong enough to go through thicker materials and allows you to add a punched hole far in from the edge of your page. It can also be used to add eyelets to your projects.

For the dividers between types of products, I used scraps of cardboard from old boxes and packages. I made them 5 ¾ x 7 ¾ inches. I covered the cardboard with paper too.

The pages in between the dividers are white cardstock.

Every die, punch, and embossing folder image I cut out of black cardstock and glued them down. I wanted them to ‘pop’ on the clean and crisp white background. I label the items by company name and product name.

Border Punches, Corner Punches and Other Punches           

      Lori's Supply Resource book- border punches Lori's Supply Resource book- corner punches Lori's Supply Resource book- punches

Embossing Folders(harder to see embossing)

Lori's Supply Resource book- embossing folder


Lori's Supply Resource book- dies   Lori's Supply Resource book- dies

Cricut Expressions Cartridges

I just photo copied the back of the package to display what designs you can create with each set.   

Lori's Supply Resource book- Cricut Expression Cartridges


I stamped all the images I have in black ink.

          Lori's Supply Resource book-stamps  Lori's Supply Resource book-stamps

Washi Tape

 I stuck 2+ inch strips of washi tape to display all the pretty colors and patterns at a glance.

Lori's Supply Resource book-  tape page

Distress Markers and Ink Pads

For the markers I made a scribble to display the colors. I used a Q-tip to transfer inkpad colors to make a pretty pallet.

Lori's Supply Resource book-distress markers 

It took me some time to go back through my supplies to create this book. Now that it is done, every time I get something new it can be easily added to the book in no time at all.

I find that I am using this book with my scrapbook store excursions and when I am creating. I can flip through the book much more easily without digging through my stash to find what I want to use in my project. It speeds up my creative process and makes it more enjoyable. It is a win-win project and resource!

How do you stay organized with your supplies?

Bundle of Joy by Echo Park

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Echo Park: Bundle of Joy- A New Addition

Girl Paper: a close up     

Echo Park: Bundle of Joy- A New Addition- Girl          Echo Park: Bundle of Joy- A New Addition-Girl Double sided paper

I was in our local scrapbook store the other day and came across this beautiful paper line by Echo Park- Bundle of Joy, A New Addition.  I loved the colours, the cute stickers and the paper that coordinated with it.  I couldn’t decide on girl or boy so… I bought them both! Each kit comes with alphabet stickers, element stickers and double sided paper.  I have a few friends having babies soon so all will get used.  I think I will use the girl kit first and make a mini album. Stay tuned!!

Our Evolution of Scrapping

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Wow scrapbooking has come along way!!!  Creative Memories was the first company that sparked my interest in scrapbooking- I bugged Lori until she gave in and tried it.  “All you needed was a pair of scissors and a glue stick”.  Looking back at our first scrap pages makes us shudder.  Hinge bound pages with slide on page protectors, stencils to trace shapes right onto your pictures to then cut out free hand with scissors, gluing directly onto the page itself, and oh those decorative scissors!! The end result was crooked pictures, glue residue everywhere, cropped beyond recognition pictures, and sometimes our layouts were more cheezy than beautiful!

IMG_1990 1       IMG_1988 1

Nowadays we have more tools than ‘Planters got peanuts’! From stacks of paper, stickers gallore, every type of tape dispenser, punches, die cuts, markers and stamps!! You name it, between the two of us we probably have it.  Oh how we love our stash!!  Sometimes our husbands think we love to shop more than scrap.  The excitement of finding a new tool or paper pack is orgasmic.  Through doing this Blog together we hope to stir new creativity, find new products, learn some new techniques, hoard more paper packs, find more uses for these packs (lol) and scrap and create more often.

Looking through our albums gives us a sense of how much we have grown as scrapbookers and cant wait to see where this hobby will take us. Stayed tuned.

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